Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Paper?

A: Paper has several advantages over the traditional resin models. Paper is lightweight, yet sturdy and since it is pre-printed, no painting is needed to have an attractive, professional-quality structure. In addition, the method of production allows paper structures to offered for a fraction of the cost of resin.

Q: What are the buildings printed on?

A: PaperTerrain uses a medium-weight cardstock for its products. Experience has shown that this material is thick enough to create a sturdy building, but still thin enough to fold easily. A modeler desiring extra strength could glue the cardstock to foamcore or balsa wood, but this is not necessary to use the product.

Q: What do I get when I buy?

A: Depending on which product you purchase, you will recieve one or more pre-printed sheets of cardstock. These are ready for immediate assembly. Some of the village packs also include a small piece of plastic tubing to let you make the chimney pots on the buildings. You do not receive ay materials for the bases or landscaping.

Q: Why are no bases included?

A: Besides increasing the cost and weight of our product, supplying pre-made bases would limit the buyer to the configuration of the base provided. We anticipate that our buyers will want to devise thier own layouts for their villages. Bases are easily made from foamcore or hardboard which is readily available at craft and building supply stores.

Q: What sort of glue should I use?

A: Whatever works best for you. Seriously, any glue that will bond paper well can be used. We generally use non-water-based cement because it dries faster and if you get sloppy with water-based glues it can sometimes smear the ink. But many of our customers do use water-based glues like PVA and have not reported any problems.

Q: What scales are available?

A: Currently we offer any scale between 5mm and 20mm. 6mm, 10-12mm, 15mm and 20mm are considered standard and are ready for purchase. We also have a limited range of models available in 25/28mm scale. We plan to expand this in the future so that all of our models will be available in 25/28mm. Scales in between those mentioned can be purchased by special order. Contact us with your needs.

Q: What are the little plastic tubes for?

A: We include plastic tubing with our European and Mediterranean building sets to make the chimney pots on top of the chimneys. This is a tiny detail but you will be amazed at how much it improves the final model.

Q: How do you make the fancy steeples on the Russian Churches?

A: While it is possible to make virtually anything out of paper, it is not an ideal medium for complex curved shapes. Rather than attempt to make the Russian onion domes out of paper, we supply a pre-painted wooden steeple in these kits (all scales including micro). The North African Mosque’s golden dome is made from paper in the larger scales, but we provide a wooden dome for the micro-scale kit.

Q: Do you sell PDF's?

No, we do not sell PDFs. We sell our kits pre-printed in full color on heavy cardstock, ready to cut out and assemble.