Designed For Wargamers!

A primary feature of our buildings is that each one consists of an undamaged building which fits around a ruined version of the same building. This allows troops to be placed easily inside building, and if the structure is destroyed during a game, simply lift off the top to reveal the ruin underneath!

An Expanding Range of Products!

PaperTerrain was created in 2005 with just a small number of products. We have been working tirelessly ever since to add to our range. Currently, we carry several different sets of 19th-20th Century European buildings. Our Russian and Middle Eastern buildings are suitable for any period from the late middle-ages to the present. The Mediterranean-style buildings are suitable for the 17th-20th Century. We also have a range of 19th Century American buildings. The sets of grass huts and shacks are appropriate for a wide range of locations and any period from pre-historic to modern. Recently we added Oriental Buildings and several products from the Zulu War, including the famous mission station at Rorke’s Drift. Our other products include a range of fortifications including trenches, bunkers, pillboxes, minefields and barbed wire plus a spectacular Vauban-style fortress. We have three of the most widely used types of World War II landing craft. We have a number of different bridges ranging from pontoon bridges to large viaducts. Our sets of railroad equipment and buildings fill a longstanding need for these items. We have a range of paper “flats” of soldiers from the American Civil War. We even have science fiction fortifications. We also have some wargaming accessories such as explosion markers and ‘smoke boxes’. Nearly all of our products are available in 6mm, 10/12mm, 15mm and 20mm scales. Many are available in 25/28mm and more will be coming soon. And this is just the beginning! PaperTerrain hopes to someday offer almost anything a gamer could want in the way of buildings and accessories. Keep checking this website for new products!